Luxury Concierge Company

Lazarou Unique Luxury Concierge services subscribes to many of the same principles that are employed by the legendary craftsman who create the world renowned, Swiss watch masterpieces.

These same principles evoke powerful imagery, driven with precision, elegance.

The service elements we provide are carefully assembled and orchestrated with every element conveying something and when complete, a seamless, fulfilling experience to be remembered. Every part of your journey will be carefully orchestrated by us with an attention to detail. Each element of the journey, with its unique requirements and purpose will be taken care of. Every element as important as the one preceding and the one following. When complete, we will provide you with a seamless and unparalleled experience while saving you time, your most precious asset!

You deserve to enjoy the very moment!

Our company philosophy is to provide our clients with the highest caliber of service while being mindful of every client’s unique needs, with deep respect and understanding of all the cultural and traditional customs, ethics and habits. Our objective is to create a tailored experience for you from beginning to end with absolute privacy, discretion and anonymity.


Committed in Heart and Mind

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals with an international background in this field, whose passion, love, and a commitment to excellence results in unparalleled experiences. Your personal concierge is carefully and methodically selected to ensure that you are provided with the experience and support you deserve.